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Batman comics: - at the Knightfall arc

After Batman comes Superman and all big three with be finished

Thinking about reading the Percy Jackson series finally

Working full time, saving up for a nice Kingdom Hearts 4 machine

The Last of Us

Lolipop Chainsaw

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Brads for Cosplay Armor.
1. Get googly eyes from a craft store.
2. Paint them the desired color.
3. Glue them on and distress around them. Thus giving them a realistic affect.

And finally enjoy the look of your new detail on your armor :D


Breakfast around the world

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I was looking around last night and happened to run across a bunch of FMA Brotherhood setteis (character sheets). Lan Fan had quite a few, including a good look at her arm and battle damage version! All from Yupa’s anime gallery.




endless list of favourite comic book ladies → Zatanna Zatara

"I’m a magician. And the only fate I accept is the one I control.”

dick grayson in every episode // opening credits

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Miss Point Wa-lolita Summer Collection

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