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Batman comics: - at the Knightfall arc

After Batman comes Superman and all big three with be finished

Thinking about reading the Percy Jackson series finally

Working full time, saving up for a nice Kingdom Hearts 4 machine

The Last of Us

Lolipop Chainsaw

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This is a specific little doodle for basilxus

i t’s my first time drawing Nico, specificlly, it’s my first time drawing any pjo character at all! So I’m not sure he’s… accurate or… if you can even tell who he is. So I put a little crown and some ghosts yeah



Brads for Cosplay Armor.
1. Get googly eyes from a craft store.
2. Paint them the desired color.
3. Glue them on and distress around them. Thus giving them a realistic affect.

And finally enjoy the look of your new detail on your armor :D


Breakfast around the world

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I was looking around last night and happened to run across a bunch of FMA Brotherhood setteis (character sheets). Lan Fan had quite a few, including a good look at her arm and battle damage version! All from Yupa’s anime gallery.




endless list of favourite comic book ladies → Zatanna Zatara

"I’m a magician. And the only fate I accept is the one I control.”

dick grayson in every episode // opening credits

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Miss Point Wa-lolita Summer Collection